Sometimes the Most Honest People in the World Are the Poorest

So today I went to the ice cream shop and saw something unbelievable happen.


So today I went to the ice cream shop and saw something unbelievable.

There was this man who didn’t speak much English and was obviously old and poor. I was waiting in line for one of those ice cream wafer sandwiches which is very popular in southeast Asia. He was all alone with his ice-cream stall and was serving ice cream. The man in front of me was quite rash to the ice cream man and was hustling him a lot. After a while of angry words and confused expressions, he eventually got to the point where he was paying. His food cost $2 but for some reason, he paid $4. After he paid the man too much money, I was pretty sure, or at least understanding, that the ice cream man would just keep the change. In fact, I think he thought about that too. However, to my surprise he gave the money back, saying it was $2. The Man just got, even MORE, ticked off, telling him that he was supposed to pay $4 the ice cream man seemed to be a bit exasperated too, but he got over it. I still hadn’t gotten over his honesty


What I am trying to say is that the less privileged in the world aren’t necessarily dishonest. Even though they need it most. We read about cases where people steal lots of money or sabotage their businesses out of greed, and then we (or maybe it’s only I) think how bad could it be at the lower end of the scale. However, this isn’t the case. Sure there are some people in poverty who only care about money, but we mustn’t judge by their looks or income. Not all people are bad.

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